Saturday, March 30, 2013


When I feel bored I totally do nothing, I don’t even want to take any classes or anybody’s word in my head. I skipped Gym class in the logger room because they hired wired people for teaching some real wired choreographers and I couldn’t admit it I did last time and I felt like a social suicide, ashamed. I thought my outfit that day was cute so finally it came up with the idea and finally all those pictures above. Also, I have a little obsessed with roses lately, don’t know why and who cares is it Valentine’s Day or not because I only do care that it blooms all year long. It represents Valentine’s Day but is it only for those LOVE-STUPID festival? No right? It represents other too, Yellow for Friendship, Red for Love Wish and Desire, Pink for perfectly Love in Happiness, Orange for I Love You too, Purple for Love at First-Sign and lastly, White for Purely Love. It sounds kind of stupid but interests, who comes with all these ideas? It might have their story but now I know only that subtle-flower charms me well.

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