Saturday, March 30, 2013


When I feel bored I totally do nothing, I don’t even want to take any classes or anybody’s word in my head. I skipped Gym class in the logger room because they hired wired people for teaching some real wired choreographers and I couldn’t admit it I did last time and I felt like a social suicide, ashamed. I thought my outfit that day was cute so finally it came up with the idea and finally all those pictures above. Also, I have a little obsessed with roses lately, don’t know why and who cares is it Valentine’s Day or not because I only do care that it blooms all year long. It represents Valentine’s Day but is it only for those LOVE-STUPID festival? No right? It represents other too, Yellow for Friendship, Red for Love Wish and Desire, Pink for perfectly Love in Happiness, Orange for I Love You too, Purple for Love at First-Sign and lastly, White for Purely Love. It sounds kind of stupid but interests, who comes with all these ideas? It might have their story but now I know only that subtle-flower charms me well.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Blurry Blurred

The day before last day of my trip I left my camera on the table in dinning room and i went back to the room because it was a tired day and with my sleepily-energy I realized that I left my lovely boy there when i got back to the table to found him and you know? relieved. But as soon as I got on bed I checked it and gosh it's broken the lens weren't work it didn't focus on anything. I tried to take pictures but it was all blurred. Me do speechless and lay on bed, compassionate towards to my life that why everything bad always happens to me, why why why? my lids were too heavy to open, closed. And continue my life in another Pitiable Day

I know I wore this cardigan everyday but I'm just obsessed with it, 
it's from this brand store 'CPS' It's in leopard I just love it!! fits every outfit as well. 
I paired it with normal V-neck T shirt and others.

Zara V-neck Shirt
Cardigan Thailand
H&M Jeans & Bag
Zara Sunglasses & Moccasins

The Woman on Youtube

I just went through youtube days ago for the reviews of Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily handbag which I totally obsess in this moment and I think this item is going to be the new IT BAG. I went totally every videos that exist for this bag then I found this girl she's doing kinda like video for the high-end items review on youtube which is so rarely because there are kinda only few people coming out the to the VIDEO and showing their items off, or then they show the replica ones! and I was looking for these kinds of video for so long after watched all whole What's in my bag/ purse's videos. This girl i think she's Italian as I know how Italian accent but I don't really care how she speaks or what accent she has I only do care that all the stuffs that she has are all the IT ITEM and I'm obsessed I mean like I love window shopping and but sometimes I really curious in Video-content so her videos are perfectly and really made me obsessed more when I know that she owes the CHANEL TOTE!! I really want it but now I only have the H&M mini bag, why? because the Balenciaga is coming soon and I do promise that I will do a review of my long-time-desire for sure. and why I don't buy it now..... ummmm let's say that I have to do an Tax-Refund for 12% off, it's kinda discount for me and this Tax-Refund thing only has in the Airport, the Aboard-Flight to other countries and it does work for only 3 months so After April I'm gonna be able to purchase IT BAG one. So for now, just watch her videos, and stay away from Credit Card if you are not strong at Desire enough!


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Leather, Real LEATHER

Day 4 in Rome. The weather is lot way better than yesterday, I checked on my iPhone and it was sun all day! so sunlight was beaming then it went good with Leather and real printed pants. As I went around the city there are poeple who were like starring at me and then I really don't know what can I do, I just smile and waving my hand and imagine I'm 2nd Marilyn Monroe.

Cardigan Thailand 
F.R.A.V Leather Shirt
 Knitted Hat My Friend
H&M Bag & Printed Pants
 Zara Sunglasses & Moccasins

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Camo works best

DAY 3: Day Time. Roma, Italia. Really have no idea where they were taking me so I think for this season Camo works best and the same I wore that sweater like everyday but only change the way to wear it. It's just for protect my skin when the weather was cold and it did work for my skin and outfit as well
 Shirt Vintage
Cardigan Thailand
H&M Jeans and Bag 
Knitted Hat My Friend
Zara Camo Moccasins

Monday, March 25, 2013

HYPE me on

Rome, Italy Day 1/ 5

First day, in Turin city it was snow all over, I woke up at 6.45 for preparing and feel awake in the morning. Arrived at the Station about 7.25 and the train left 8.15 so as we met up in the appointment place we had, everyone was there. 'It will be great trip' what I had in my mind, because there were not only my friends in class but we were collaboration with the other class so that’s great thing to just make friends with them!

As we arrived Rome and the hotel, all the thing that I had ever dreamed is over gone broken, the capital city of Italy. About months ago that I have been here but with my family everything was perfectly perfect but for this time I can see Rome in the real way, totally real. All over the city fills with trashes and all disgust things, paper or even the plastic bag. Since I’ve arrived Rome, it was drizzled but can’t walk fast, swerve. The Hotel that we booked, I mean the school booked. Even the area of the hotel was like worst place in Rome and even I wondered that’s why this trip was so cheap. The Hotel and all things around were disgusts that’s why there’s no any photo’s gonna appear on my blog, it’s even waste my camera’s  memory. We walked around city and doing nothing, listened to the teachers reading ‘Tour Guide Book’ and I really want the whole world know that I can read. I went to one Duomo and I said to myself ‘why people try hard to reaching heaven when heaven already eminent on earth, Italy.

After tour all around city we went to another hotel for dinner, this iswhat I love about italy they don’t even care how good or hygiene the place they live but their food has to be best. ITALY FOOD GO-GO!! And absolutely it all was too good!

That's all for Rome DAY 1,
Hope this make your day!