Monday, April 15, 2013

Out of Nowhere

I just went back from Bari. Everything there was absolutely fantastic. I couldn’t believe in the last day that I had to leave. I still miss everything. Every place I went to was all my will forever-remember. I’ll tell you every singe detail about one week there. I’ll in the next post. For now just enjoy my picture that I was taken by my friend, gorgeous huh? I love it and I can say it all my word that ‘It’s a Photo Shoot’.

I went to a place with the other students for just let’s the kites fly, others did play it but I don’t. I feel like that place was too FAB to just doing kite thing, so me and my friends were walking bit far from crowd to taking gorgeous pictures. I left no word to say after I saw all those pictures, like delightful maybe. Anyway just enjoy my picture, I don’t mind if you guys PIN IT or post it on your tumblr, just only credit or link it to my blog, that’s all. 

PS. thanks my friends for gorgeous picture and again, Vintage Blouse that I wore like thousand times, not only because it's too gorgeous and goes with me well but it's from my dad here and it's real vintage, from 70s-80s so, this shirt is maybe not less than 30 years TOO FAB, OVS high-waist Jeans, H&M Belt, I don't even know that the Sweater that is in the air from what label, it's not mine hahhahha and lastly Zara Camo Moccasins. Actually when I was in Bari I wear the Brown Classic Moccasins from Zara that I got in Milan (Have a look: Haul: Milano) it's so classic and really comfy but that day I wear green blouse and it seems like never go with Brown Moccasins so I wear the Camo one instead, not because it fits my outfit but also it makes that blouse looks more approachable and not too femininely. Even Blouse and High-Waist are ..... already too feminine hahahahahah but who cares? You do? I don't. Have a good Day :)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Escape to another real World

As I told many of you about days ago that my friend she went to Aosta for doing the ‘Week Exchange’ thing. And me as well. But I’m leaving for my city to Bari this Saturday. It will take about two hours to arrive there and I hope if I really have a free time I’d blog about how will it going on with my life there. But I’m definitely back on Sunday 14/4. Also there are so many things I have to do, urgently. Thank and pray to god that I’m still alive after those rush weeks past by. My life now is in relaxing time again, I don’t need more study, only prepare gorgeous outfits for getting cute boy in the school that I’m visiting in Bari, hope cute boys there, WISH ME LUCK BITCHES.
I feel like my skin is getting hotter like that sick is conquering my life but in the same time, maybe I’m hotter, like I’M HOT.   

PS. My broken camera is already fixed, don’t worry gorgeous pictures from Bari will be here soon, as soon as Balenciaga, maybe. 

Want to Help me purchase first Balenciaga really soon please share this ‘Prada Creepers’ It’s not sold out yet!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Days ago I had a conversation with all my friends on social network. There was one girl she lives in Sicily, an island in the south of Italy and it sounds like she’s not really happy there after she had exchange week to Aosta, one city in the north of Italy. She just said she missed it, missed the snow and cold weather and it seems like the family that has hosted her will not be able to host her anymore after June, because they will be busy or some kinds of business thing. So she asked an association that takes care of us, exchange students. That, instead of change to another family just for one or couple of months, she would love to travel and stays in Aosta city for about weeks and then we all will be ready to leave Italy to our country, Thailand. Then she just blessed that if she’s got success or that permission she asked. she blessed we all will get men, after seven months here in Italy and we didn’t get anyone yet, Five of us in Piemonte Region. I responded ‘Can I get my dreamed-bag instead?’ and everyone on that group chat was like 'WHAT?'

That sounds loser, right? I know but if you are addicted to Bag Snob you would totally understand me well. Then I realized, in five of us I’m the only one who’s the most bags Craziest and mostly obsess in fashion. I dawned on. Am I crazy? Am I a loser? Am I stupid that I would totally go and choose bag instead of a MAN. But in a really in my own-own way, the man that will come in my life can be the cutest, yes he can but finally and eventually I knew the end. YES I GO FOR A BAG. Do you remember words from The Girl in the Green Scarf that She says “You know that thing when you see someone cute and he smiles and your heart kind of goes like warm butter sliding down hot toast? Well that's what it's like when I see a store. Only it's better.” I totally got her, and that feeling.

I love cute boy but me, Bags first. Another loser-sound. From now on, To ten years where I stand. I don’t know and have no idea that that-man will stay with me, by my side or not but I know that MY BAGS WILL, SHALL WE? At least I have my bag and I’m pretty sure that all mine will never ever make me regret, but I know, yes they will, the condition and texture (‘STATE’ what I used to call) will never stay like the same and also the FADING PROBLEM. But you know what? I know that when the condition of my bag not goes well like the first day that I got but I still can trust and can put all my junks in. TRUST of being a good worker, partner and a good in DUTY. We all know that The Notebook is just a novel from Nicholas Sparks, not based on true story.

I don’t know that even one day the State of that man who I totally falling all my heart for is going to be atomic mark yet but one thing I know, he will get blemish or not but he would go one day, he able to. Bag’s Brightest Colors FADE, also Romeo and Juliet or even any Tales’ True love can be FADE too. But that FADE love, one or another. One will give up. But Bag will never walk away from you. They will always in your arm, by your side even in your most tough day, Rain or Snow Storm which is really unprepared, nothing will tear it from you as long as you take care of it good too. Spotted, I know but even it’s not pretty like the first time you holding in your hand then you just put it in your OLD-UGLY CLOSET, It will be there. Never LET you be alone. In the bad, bad day. You are just heart-broken, it’s raining and you get wet all your tire body, that rain won’t cleanse your hurt, okay? Only gets worse! What you have to do is open your closet and find your memorially purse/bag and recall. Is it the first one from your mom that she gave it to you in one of your hundred anniversaries, oh I don't know, your 5th Birthday, maybe? Or is it your first high-end bag you’ve ever purchased after got your first tired job’s salary, HOW PROUD!!?? Think about it, okay?  

Bags have their own-remembrances and 
those remembrances have their own TO REMEMBER.

Lastly, that girl blessed me to get what my truly-heart wants, THE DREAMED BAG.

PS. I love bag and I'm standing her for speak for the bag like Elle Woods speaks of Bruiser Woods.
Have you ever speak for something you love? HAVE YOU EVER?

My SUGGESTION: you better not choose MAN over BAG!
Tel me what will you choose, a BAG or a MAN? and why?

Monday, April 1, 2013

I have a crush on BALENCIAGA

Weeks ago I went to Rome with my school, as you guys know. I went to the Spanish Steps and there are hundred of high-end shops and absolutely I wasn’t lose an opportunity to visit one and only favorite shop, Balenciaga. I went to the Milan one once and also in La Rinascente but seems like the main store in Milan responded my e-mail well-good but not as good like visually or maybe the time that I went was exactly the same time as MFW so Fashionistas first, isn’t it? Whatever. For the main store in Rome the shop isn’t in exactly the street front of Spanish Steps but in the neighbor, Via Borgognona (same street as the Ladurée) the shop is kind of small, but not too tight like in La Rinascente. It was good, real good if talk about Service since I stepped in the store there was one girl say hi to me in English but hello I know Italian so I just ask her “Dov’è Velo (where is Velo)” and she was ran to the bag and grabbed it in the air and said something in the way of happiness customer assistant I’ve ever seen. For me, not the bag that I like and comes in first mind at that moment but what real first thing in my whole-head is the service of this store, she was such a perfect, she had got something that the others store, all the hi-end stores should have, THE PROUDING OF BEING BALENCIAGA.

In the Balenciaga bag motorcycle line I’m the one who obsessed with Velo, since it released I’m totally want to eat it even it’s tasteless, oh it smells good btw. I like City, yes I do but my heart goes for Velo it’s not too girly even Balenciaga IT BAG is not girly at all at first but the velo makes me feel like it’s charming and sense of stronger, messenger bag in chic-grunge way. Then I asked her ‘Posso Vedere (can I see it)’ she just said “ Yes! Yes! YES! SURE!” and after I got Velo Giant 12 Gris Tarmac Gold Hardware in my two little hands I was really imbued and delightful like a seven-year-old girl got her first-real-barbie, you know that moment when you rubbed that blonde hair in the first time, soft and silky sunshine. I was totally crazy and I can’t describe it, omg I was totally understand what the moms meant to be when they all said ‘it’s an emotional and un- describable feeling’. The skin is soooooooo sooooooo sooooooooo freaking SOFT like touching Athena’s skin and when it reflected the light it’s charming bright like the beam of Apollo, oops I was lost in Olympus. I was looking at it, or people call it ‘Gaze’ at the bag like a physo-nymphomaniacal sees a girl only wears Victoria’s Secret J-String and super high-heels Louboutin, but I’m not physo. Just so you know. I want it so bad I know from that moment, that bag will be a partner of my tough life and we will be gone-through our life problems together. Then I just said that I have to make a decision between this Velo or the other one. I really said ‘other one’ but literally I don’t have any other one I only have this one in my mind like forever but I said it because it’s a classic sentence, you guys know it well. So then I asked her that what colors are better, the one that I was holding ‘Gris Tarmac’ or normal black one. She said one sentence it sticks in my head and play around and around

“Black is good, we all know that but, you know, everyone has. Black” 

I was totally clear why people bought bags in other colors, not only they only love color, but as well as unique they wanted to be. I know this store has best customer assistant ever!! Then I asked for take a photo then she said ‘YES YES SURE!!’ I said a photo but there were photos I took and I said I need ‘a moment of decision’ omg I can’t believe myself at that time, hilarious right? Hahahahahahahahha. Then she asked me that do I want a paper of details of the bag I was holding and guyssssssss ….. I was speechless but nodded. Then I was talking photos……. Few minutes past by she went back with the Balenciaga Business-Card and in the back was Blank filled with her handwriting (I forgot where is it right now, my camera is now broken wait guys I’m looking for it, yes! Found!) she wrote all the details that will make it easier when If I want to look for it or even purchase! Also another thing in her hand was the …. I don’t even know how to call it in English let’s say Color-Swatches and It reminded me of when I was re-decorated my house with my mom and we went to the curtain part, it was exactly the same thing but only Balenciaga makes it looks better. I was looking through one or two colors then she showed me the NEW-COLLECTION colors but Gris Tarmac is the best in whole ten or twelve colors.

I can’t thank her enough for explored me to the Balenciaga’s world, she said ‘After you made a decision, if you want it you can call me, this is my name, FRANCESCA, call this number then I will keep this bag for you” BEST CUSTOMER ASSISTANT SERVICE EVER!! (she didn’t pay me to talk or said her name out loud, she did her work good, really good). She was so sooo sweet like the Macaron from Ladurée in that green paper-bag and to archive my goal of this is I want to back there again just for only buy my real own first Balenciaga from there, Rome store. But I'm done with this city, totally sick of it. Too Crowd. Although the city where I live and Milan are only an hour apart, Milan is better choice for this point. Anyway, I was really appreciated and if one of you guys wants any new Balenciaga bag or items please ask for her, she's too good and she deserves that! AND again I thanked her like un-countable times and I went out the store and felt really guilty like why I didn’t buy it, but anyway the budget is almost reach and as I spotted Giant 12 Gold Hardware is cuter and more fabulous than the classic one so that means plus more about 100 Euro. I wish my budget will reach real soon fast and lastly I want you guys share me your experience of the Balenciaga or other good service stores, I’d love to hear from you guys!!