Thursday, December 6, 2012

christmas item : headband

counting down 19 days for christmas!!! my favorite of all. annually, i always make something to remind me what was happen to that year and this year i chose 'headband' because it's so on top now and so femininity

as you guys can see on many fashion sites that flower-headbands are everywhere even it will look weird if you wear it and go to super market just for a fishing dinner but if you only have it for picture, that would be cool. also when first of people hear 'THE HEADBAND' i don't know what do you think but for me, i'd thinking about my QUEEN, Blair Waldorf she's my everything, QUEEN B. and TAVI GEVINSON who always appear with cute or gorgeous headbands they two are my role models for now <3

(it might be the wost DIY quility you ever seen)

if you want to know HOW TO DIY it just ask me to :)

let me know what is your christmas item for this year

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