Saturday, December 1, 2012

Please welcome me to this world with tears

Want to know me?
Here are some of my hilarious, ridiculous, pathetic, loathsome and bittersweet moments

  1. I eat carbs, fats, vegetable and fruit as same as everybody does, so don't judge me because of who I am, how much money I made annually or what is my gender. All human needs their right, we all have our voice to say whatever we can, and being acceptable from society. Private Jet or Birkin doesn't make the Digestive System malfunctioning or increase the humanitarianism. We are born and die, that's all.
  2. I used to love Italian food, until I had one-year experience in Italy, after then my table has never served Italian food again: Spaghetti, Pizza, Mozzarella or Prociutto, no no XX.
  3. You can take my Prada, but leave my Thai cuisine alone, it does make sense that we have to protect our original traditions, cultures and legacies, aren't we? So do I, and I'm loving it. Any best-food global citizens claim it is doesn't even touch microscopic the taste of Thai cuisine.  As I said, take my Prada but leave my Green Curry and Tom Yum Kung on the table!
  4. I love 'Whatever' word and I use it abundant much. My thought, mind and concepts always come freaking fast and leave my head faster, so when I'm having a conversation with someone and I forgot what I'm talking about, the magic word declare, 'Whatever.'
  5. The Devil Wears Prada is always my favourite movie, since 9th grade and I continually love it. Because of this movie, it has influenced me to interest in Fashion and look at my reflection often, If Andrea Zacs could change herself to get involved in Fashion Industry, so Why couldn't I?? Also, my worship to this movie proves my the Miranda Priestly's lines and other characters' which  I can even remember almost of them.
  6. I love Milan city so much, and I will love this city more superior than Whitney Houston's I will always love you. Because this city establishes, I had a chance for "wardrobe's fulfilment by explore inimitable embellishing stores with incredibly rapturous expenses" and also attending Fashion Week!! (not really attending but I was just pretended to be one of the Roccobarocco's fashion-show attendances and God might see this little person and distributes his mercy— I was interviewed by one of the Italian-Fashion TV programs (which I posted pictures when that situation happened on 'Birthday Early-Present from Milan') and I was about 3-4 seconds featured on FASHION TV!! They didn't interview me but I don't really put myself that regret because I look so Fetch and Fab on it. Check it out.
  7. I purchased my first Designer bag in 2014, a few months before I headed home in Thailand. It is Balenciaga Velo bag, as to be clear, I'm not a "Rich kids of Beverly Hills millionaire #fabuluxe"type of person, I'm just a ground-walker person who interests in Fashion and obsessed with hi-end purses. I still live by my parents' money and they still believe that the Balenciaga bag I owe is fake or replica bag. I didn't tend to lie but I would decide to stay in this world longer by not telling them the truth. Don't get me wrong or judge me by this action, I did research for a year about this bag and by that time I was saving money too. As a year passed by I saved enough money to bought it. I know it looks like a terrible behaviour, but I already did promise to myself, swore actually, that as soon as I have my first job, I will pay my parents every penny they have been paid for me, including the Balenciaga bag.
  8. My ever first (and will be the only) was arrested moment is when I forgot to buy a bus ticket and on the ride. It all begins with me who wanted to wear my super-new mini clutch, and it only contains my iPhone and some money for my dinner but I've never thought I would forgot my passport. The (English-unproficiency) police asked me to get out in the next stop and accused me as an Illegal Immigration which made me crazy! However, the story ends when he charged me 90 Euro by pay it at the railway station.
  9. I hate high-fashion or any Haute Couture. I love every thing that creates base on Art, especially intensity, but high-fashion is really attracted and fascinated me and it occurs the hardly-ambitious moment when I see the price tags. I love everything fashion has been created but in the complexity, I hate the way I can't obtain it to myself.
  10. "Fashion has no gender" is my eternal quotation, as long as ladies claim for their human's right to have the same standard as men, so now I do declare that I will take their fashion into my world and do it better than they ever imagined.
  11. There exists No Rules in fashion. No Legal and Illegal. No Regulation. No Constitution. It is just a way to express as Rights of freedmen. But to be warned, Fashion Police does exist.
  12. I have a very snobbish Vanity appearance. I have very fierce-ambitious look which may lead someone afraid to approach me. I was complained by this problem so variety of times. Please be awe of it because you won't respect me if you know how disgusting I am as any relations.
  13. I love number 13. I have a huge obsession with number Thirteen, because when 1 and 3 both write together, it always resembles to B. And representing my signature and name— Bleué.

Keep your eyes on me and you will understand my complexity
and transcendence because I am exactly What I wear
(obviously NO SKIRT)

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