Saturday, December 29, 2012

73300‎ La Toussuire France


here i am,

73300 La Toussuire

in Les Soldannelles hotel, i went skiing for 3 days and yeah its my first time! now im on bed because i lost my energy and can't even move, have fun in your holidays

picture taken through hotel's window

Friday, December 21, 2012

Queen B

as everyone know that gossip girl is finally end and obviosly from gg's word that 'gossip girl is dead' it's a huge bad news because i'd say that i grew up with this series even not all my life but yes it inspired me as today. who is my fav character? absolutely QUEEN B, Blair Waldorf, Queen of Constance. I love her even gossipgirl is dead but i want to let everybody know that Queen be still here, with us, forever.

this look totally inspired by Queen B since season 1-6
and this is what i can summery 4 things B always has

1. color-blocking
everyone knows that how crazy in color Constance girls love, even all main characters graduted but every scene that has Constance girls like season 5 that blair wear her gorgeous dress to the old-time breakfasrt place, The Met museum, there are few girls begging her to take ta photo with, as we know from first sight that they all are study in contance is because of color of their clothes!

2. girly patterned, printed items
blair loves patterned and printed, espeascially girly piece, flowers or any patterned that reflects to being feminine

3. feminine accessories
queen bee loves accessories, and every accessoreis she owns have to be all feminine, like flowers or anything that soooooooooo girl, 

4. keep it classy
always keep it classy, no matter where she goes, even it looks really chic, but it's still classy, like Audrey Hepburn.

5. last and most importantly, HEADBANDS !
i dont have to talk much, she wears it for 6 years and i always see my queen wears HEADBAND


girly patterned, printed : flowers printed jacket
color - blocking : obvious
feminine accessories :actually that wasn't a necklace, it's a bracelet but if i wear it i think it'd be too girly (for me) so i decided to wear it as my necklace instead
keep it classy : this look is not really classy at first but i add the pants in, eve it isn't that classy but least i smell classy.
HEADBANDS: i'm done if you can't see

jacket: thrift, blouse: my dad, neclace (bracelet): pimkie, 
pants : charity (for children) shop

i recommend you guys to go on this, Blair Waldorf Fashion they have Queen B's fashion since first season until New York, I Love You XOXO

" if you cant make them love you,
you can make them fear you "

my favorite quote of Q. B

my letters to santa (nothing to do with fashion)

this has nothing to do with fashion, style, ootd or anything involved clothes if you don't want to read just skip it i don't mind

dear santa

all this year long i accepted i was bad sometimes i was arguing my parents and didn't do few things they expect me to do, they told me to spend ponder money and keep some for scholarships but i was the opposite, im not spend lot of money for food even im in the country best-food on earth. all i did was only spent it all for shopping. i was a bad person before i came here, italy. but these 3 months past taught me a big lesson.

to find myself
to stop lying
to accept to truth
to be less selfish
to trust myself
to open my world which i used to live in 1/million pieces and thought it was a biggest world

to find what i really like/love
to know that i can live without internet
to know how to read books in free time
to learn other cultures
to know how to take care of other people
to stop hating someone because of they just do little thing wrong
to stop being mean to people
to accept who i really am
and to be honest

i wasn't a perfect good person all this 2012 year but i still have a hope and feeling that one day all hope and wish will come true even its tough sometimes but i promise i'll get over it in eventually. im accepting the truth that i was not perfectly good and it's better than lying, nobody's perfect. i believe in something invisible, especially successful and fame.
i wish one day it will come true

P.S. i hope you can hear my quiet whisper or see me in among of trillion wishes

Love Santa

so fashion continues ?

i wrote this just in case if 21/12/12 is not happening, this would not be publish if it was happened but i guess not. fashion continues go dress up and use your life (with cute outfit) like it's your last day :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

why italy

when people asked me why i chose to live in italy, i want to show them this video, 
to be honest :)

the end of the fashion ????

for my world everything is all about fashion so i think if mayan or whoever had predited that on this friday 21/12/12 is going to be the end of the world so if it was true then end of my fashion world too, i hope you guys a happy ending :)

every tales have a happy ending like when god plays the sims and how would it be, what will happen on this friday, let's prove it together, is god going to burn all the city he created call 'earth' or he still wanna keep it until getting bored again, i gotta go pack my hi-end fashion for the apocalypse day at least in the future when people from 3000 dig the ground and will see how fashionable humans in 2012 use to be.


PAJAMAS PARTY and pre fall 2013

seriously guys? pre-fall 2013? its too soon to reveal collections
however i'm so sorry i haven't been posting for so long because i really dont have time lately and i'm sooooooooooooooooooooooo busy like a mess week, like i have to getting ready for two christmas parties, community party for earth (which my mum took me to) and FRANCE, did i tell you guys yet that i'm going to FRANCE for this christmas omg i'm so excited and i'd say sorry if you guys expect to see thousand photos of PARIS because i'm not going there, i'm going to just a country-side hotel in the mountain somewhere in france, my family just wanna spend time together in quiet hotel drink english tea or italian coffe and go ski !

however, now all these are what i love from pre-fall 2013 even it will take almost a year to reach that period of time but if this friday the world is not ending sooooo i think we all are gonna see some of famous people or one of pre-fall 2013 pieces i love on the street or any fashion week for sure :)

alexander wang
alice & olivia

burberry prosum


oscar de la renta

proenza schouler

michael kors
tory burch
thakoon addition

 PAJAMAS-PARTY is going to be hot on pre fall 2013, did you notice?

Monday, December 10, 2012

ootd : keep it classy

this is my first ootd

the cerulean preppy jacket is my new obsessed. i mean i can go everywher anytime with it, it keeps me classy and really stay chic

these all are really really not expensive at all if compare to other stores in italy and even it's cheaper than other shops which have products only 'made in china' or 'indonesia' and comes with super high-price, all my haul from last weekend is classy and what i proud of is 'made in italy' first i saw it i was wow because as everyone knows (alomost) everything 'made in italy' always comes with good quality so i dont wanna miss any piece of these then i bought as much as i could and i will post more ootd for you guys

preppy jacket, oversized-coat and
vintage loafer: thrift store in italy
tee: thailand 
jeans and socks: h&m