Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Skip a Day

I have nothing to do, really nothing. I chose to stay home today with my sister because she said that she's so tired of study and today in my class there is nothing to do then she decided to skip a day, so do I. I have camp coming up on this 1-4 June which is ton of cute people then it's better idea if I just prepare my outfits! I can't wait till I be there soon, Whoo-hoo!

H&M Tank Top
Zara Pants
Zara Sunglasses
Zara Moccasins

Monday, May 27, 2013

May several

I will try my best to do each month's several or maybe week's several because sometimes I really can't bring any issue to my blog so I think it's better idea if I just post some pictures of that month or week from my phone. And I hope all these pictures will tell you guys much or more story of my life in each time.

PS. All these pictures were 100% taken by me
PS.2 If you guys want more details, you better follow my twitter because I can't write all my life down in just an article, sometimes it's too emotional too describe, FYI I LOVE YOU


Monday, May 20, 2013

When Protest Begins

After I had sleepover another day was the day for coming back home, I'd say every time even I enjoy that trip or not but eventually I miss my home, I miss my town. I was at the station and buying the ticket for the train and unfortunately there was a protest in my town and there was no train…. I was like what I supposed to do??? Then I was about to yelling, luckily that lady told me that there is a bus stop at my town which will take 2 hours to arrive (instead of 1 by a train). 2 hours on the bus, my iPhone was my bestfriend. Finally arrived!

Zara Leather Jacket
H&M Cropped Tank
OVS High-Waist Jeans
Balenciaga Velo Bag