Thursday, June 5, 2014

Those Sexy Faces

Love love love the ultimate faces of any models who have his own personality and characteristic show through all the shoots they have been made. That's why sometimes I love attending Menswear Fashion Week more than Skirts and Bras appearances. However, I do not really know why I was kind of drawn to it, obsessionally— sometimes when I look at these pictures, I believe they all try to deliver some kinds of messages, through their eyes, it might be the provoking distractions, but it is too hard for me to fall for! 

My point is: it is just another trick to let others fall in something by just an image or appearance. It is not those abs, sexual-arouse faces, or the way he rips his shirt off, but it is a possibility that we are exited for. 

Happy another world's hypocritical day.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Updated Video!

I made an updated video on youtube, so as if some of you are sick of my pictures so I think a video would be perfect!
In this video, featuring my Balenciaga and Cambridge Satchel and my outfit! Go watch it!

Sunday, June 1, 2014


I still have the pictures of my last birthday party when I was in Italy, and the early present that I got from Milan. I couldn't believe it has been a year! I feel like I'm growing up!!
After a year in Italy I continued my life like what I have usual had. I went back to Thailand, renew ID card after it was gone with my stolen wallet in Rome, and new Driving License.

I wish this month will be amazing and marvellous. I don't take anything serious right now excepts the University thing which coming up soon, fingers-crossed to all who born in this month!

PS. the collages above were all photos from my reblog-tumblr, it really inspires me, insanely.