Wednesday, October 21, 2015



My heart beats faster than the pace of the Flash when I first saw the collaboration between Balmain and H&M. There are no any collaborations make my heart raise its pump since Anna Dello Russo declared her queen-ness that she has co-ordinated with H&M until this scroll was exposed by King Oliver Rousteing. 

This collection will definitely blackout all internet sites that involved H&M and Balmain sales, as well as exhausted all the H&M staffs' energy after a long queue at every selected store that will launch this collection.

My reaction after I saw the release image of the collection of BMxHM. 

For the previous collaboration between Alex Wang x H&M, Thailand's most exclusive fashion mall Siam Paragon's H&M store made a line up from 5 am. in the parking lots with the fans of Wang who thrill-ly to possess one of the extraordinary pieces, and officially sold out all items on the first day.

H&M is a store whenever I need instant-and-statement pieces in a rush, for special upcoming occasion for instance, and of course, a very cheap price range made it easier to buy without regarding the potential utility. But when this streetwear meets hi-end brands, they will always encourage our soul by alluring our demand to enthuse the desire of  humanity. However, I have an honestly warning for all of you, this is not a cheap collection by H&M, not at all!

With just an age of 29, Olivier Rousteing is already a creative director of the tremendous Balmain fashion house. Not just a talented designer who is accomplished before 30-year-old, but his social power shows through his media as million followers on the Instagram. He built this empire from introducing to creative director when he was just 25 years old in 2011, and surprising everyone with all designs he has done. He believes that the power of woman existed and strongly draw all the attentions from them, eventually became his loyal costumers, Kim K and Rihanna for instances.

Gigi Handid, Jourdan Dunn and Kendall Jenner are the faces of this collection's campaign which is not surprise why it has to be these three since they featured in all top model lists in every runway in main cities, alongside with made models Hao Yun Xiang and Dudley O'Shaughnessy, in a futuristic subway theme.

the launch PARTY
The Backstreet Boys' performance at the Balmain x H&M runway event.

The launch event/party at Wall Street, New York was everything that called beyond phenomenon. The location was built to look like a subway system, as seen on the Music Video of this campaign staring Kendall Jenner as a leader of the dance crew. 

"Tonight has been a dream come true for me.
The energy and vibe are unbelievable,” says Olivier Rousteing"

an exclusive SNEAK PEEK vid by H&M

For this collab, Olivier keeps his sense of Balmain mainline to the H&M pieces, or for understandably, Balmain opens new sector in the H&M store, in a cheaper price.

Here are some pieces I put into my wish list, as I need-to-have list, featured the basic tees screaming “Balmain Paris”, and statement pieces shouting “look at me, I'm not just an H&M, I'm Balmain for H&M”

Well, for all the collection and prices, as I mentioned, this is not an affordable collection. Some dresses might seem so approachable but it will dry all the money in your pocket to negative digit number, the price range goes from 10-something dollars to $500-something or more! 

For more pieces and prices, here is the full collection with prices
For further more details on the silhouette, here is the full collection on the models

The Balmain x H&M collection features fashion and accessories for both men and women,
and will be available in selected stores and at starting November 5.

Collect all your coins people, we are going to smash the piggy bank 
and run into this can't-wait collection.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Perks of Being Phuketian In Vegetarian Festival: Chapter 1

It is my privilege and excuse to be back home again, and never once deny this kind of chance. Before I put the real knowledge about how this annually Vegetarian Festival start into my membranes, let me inform you with my nostalgic storytelling by my beloved mom after a little questionnaire son asked "why I have to follow this traditional event and be such a good person for several days", the answer is simple, yet mythically. 

"Back in many decades ago, people in Phuket are infected the disease that not yet able to solved, and started to cause some lives. Chinese temple is the only hope they had, and the promise of disease-forfending was made, phenomenally, people tended to get better and relieved. To eat as vegetarian for 9 days was what Phuketians will do to แก้บน. This event has occurred annually ever since. We do it as to make all of our lives gain prosper in all kind of future, and you are my future, that's why I do it for you too" said my mom.

What only Phuketians aware of in the festival is the power ambient where all over Phuket will be covered with a strength energy that hard to explain, we don't feel it as physically, it's just a feeling of a warm wind embracing our hearts, tranquil the wild for 9 days, and get back to work with a full fresh perspective. In this 9 days, 80% of the people in this city will wear white to represent how pure and clean we are, we talk better, eat cleaner and act finer.

Every morning the parade of each temple will walk through houses and perform such supernatural act such as cutting the tongue, put strange objects through the mouth (pictures will be featured in the next chapter) these people are not ordinary, they are a body that Chinese Gods/Goddesses' spirit has communicated through possessed. Along with the parade, the Gods/Goddesses in a form of us will give holy threads to whoever has it tied in the hand will stay protected and be safe by the bless of the givers.

Even I eventually learned the truth how it started, I still believe what I've been told, it is just the power of hope that fascinated me.

For those who wonder the history of this Vegetarian Festival, you can visit Phuket Vegetarian site for further information.