Sunday, February 24, 2013

Favourite Sweaters + Shirts

me do a answer video for anonymous who asked me on tumblr

my tumblr : bleueaddicted-tumblr

praty outfit ideas soon

i have bunch of party-planners lately maybe because i'm too hot HONEY MUAHHH and got ton of invitations to every best parties in town (me falling in myself) so i think many of you will have the same problem as me that is 'HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR' it's a huge problem nowadays (since the closet was born actually) so, about weeks ago i felt like these problem should get over and any associations or organizations should go take care of this world-end problem. TBH: i get upset and strain more than the question 'which came first, egg or chicken?' however, so i made i list names Desperate- list, if i have to get-to-ready for a party in next ten minutes and i don't know what i can wear so these are the list and looks will help you out or at lease i hope it will inspire your day

ohhhhh post looks soon.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

i am a cash

real money hot uncold, its all me. i'm a cash money where un-potential and no promotion just only do trust me and you will see, you might be in a relationship once with credit card but finally everyone is coming back to me, come to real money where you can spend as much as you want without no one cares. you might think that credit card is the best and all over comfortable but remember one day when you turn into un-money people and even you have cash, it heals you out of trouble more or less but credit card always can be betray you even in the worst day in your tire-life.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

i am a bad BITCH

when people call me that i am so nice all i responded was only "what? how?" but if people tell me or shouting that i'm a bad ass bitch all i want to say is "thank you that means a lot to me" ohhhh burnnn i feel so good when people call me as B or Bitch who want to be a good boy/girl forever anyway? at least Rihanna gone bad hiiyaaa. i love that people here are so nice but sometimes i miss a social that full of scandalous jealous and elite (where i left) also i don't understand that people here don't have internet? so they can go on or any other sources of fabulous looks that can be inspired them, i saw many girls here wear plain color dress with huge flower belt, yes huge flower belt, it made me sick, disgusted and.... wanna eat excrement. and they are nice. TOO NICE!

PS. do you like mean girls? you don't? then you are basically committing social suicide and hey wednesday we wear PINK

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

venice, italy day 1


as i told before that i went to venice last week 1-2-3 of february it was so gorgeous and crowd. on the first day there were kinda few people who wore weird outfit but on the 3rd (almost) everyone in this freaking city were wearing totally weird outfits and masks! it was so funny also with my best bitches. i'm so sorry i didn't spot or even found cute boy at all i don't know where the hell was cute boy in that city but whatever.... i had a little flirt and talked with one guy while i was looking for my friends in the bar (keep this secret even my friends don't know this) he's kinda cute but it was my last day soo dance and bitchy with my friends were better.

in first day i left home at 6 in the morning it was freezing outside and took train at 7.10 and it took about 4 hours and a half to reach there. we had out lunch which was pizza bar but i didn't get it because it wasn't healthy and really fat oily so i ate the full-vegetable sandwich where my mum packed for.

 then we continued walking to hostel in my room there are two floors and thing that really cool is i shared bunk bed with my best-friend heeeeee who i obsessed with her Alexander Wand mini ( blonde long hair huge forehead hahahahahah but yes she is) and when we were choosing our masks she's so adorable like she tried every single one and yeppy me took bunch of pictures.

 what i love in the first day is my bestie americans were wearing super bright jeans green and pink they are sooo cool and sticked together all the time then after the volunteers who acted like our parents let us go anywhere we want and have to be back before 1am, we went around the city i saw prada, gucci, lv and my girlfriend = Chanel.

 we posed bitchy model and continued walking to our fav place that is Hard Rock Cafe i ate like huge steak and i know at that moment i'm gonna be fat after.


it was a fabulous day, might be the best. 
that's all my tell :)