Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bohemian Space Party

I just got an invitation by my bestfriend she is going to have a party calls 'Bohemian Space Party' and i'm so excited because this is going to be the best party in my town and it will be a talk of the town for so long like the last time it lasted almost two weeks that everyone was talking about her party every single day. anyway i'm so excited but also find a difficult about the outfit thing, you know why........ Bohemian ...... on a man....... thank god.......... it isn't easy because i can't wear a dress or even a long hippie skirt.... and that's all the disaster thing, it won't if i don't want to be the best and most fabulous in this party. So, i come up with the idea that hair or even headband or accessories are really important in bohemian style and talk about the bohemian i always think about something that relates to save the earth or earth-tone, i need inspiration.... i ran to the garden next to my house and have no idea what i can do.... i pick up some flowers and leaves and also the dead leaves ( i don't even know what does it call..... it's just like a normal leaves but it's brown colour) yeah i took all of i can and went to my bed room for using my brain. I was thinking that it will be soooooooo bored if i do the flowers crown..... fabulous thing happened, I thread all the brown leaves into the white thin thread. I was intended to do the necklace but the result that came out is quite good on necklace but fabulous on crown (when i do the diy, results always came out as HEADBAND, did i tell you guys yet that i'm descended from Queen Blair Waldorf.? every crown tells me that i'll be the nicest queen as same as Queen B) anyway I have these photos which can guarantee you how fabulous it is, let's see.

Hope it inspired you
and make your day :)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

After one rough year i'm home again

Sorry If I don't have time for post or anything that you guys keep following me neither instagram or twitter. I just being here in my hometown country, Thailand. I officially went back from Italy. I wouldn't say I'm so happy to being back but too being sad to be back because it's been a year that I was in Italy and haven't seen my lovely parents for months and the missing thing is happened. when I saw my mum in the first time after 10 months, i guess, yeah 10 months i was so freaking and when i hug her i know that that wasn't just a dread like what i always have. i almost cry, because the love that i give to my parents is too huge to describe. anyway I wont say that this is the end of everything but i want to say that this is the beginning of everything about new me, new person who don't scare or fear of anything that i always used to think that i'm capable of nothing. I LOVE MY LIFE. Peace guys. (why it sounds like a loser when i say "Peace Guys" whatever...)