Monday, January 28, 2013

buried me alive

i don't know why this title as 'buried me alive' maybe it's not even perfect grammar but you read my blog for fashion updating seeing my crazy style or for correct my english? thank god! i'm so busy lately i want to create some looks so bag normally i took bunch of photos and hold it for a while them post it on blog but italian school sucks i don't have even a single second to breathe teachers give me homework like Einstein adopted me and i had test today others did about latin and i did 'what did i do last wednesday' which of course i felt like im turning back to 5 year-old little cute kid again. i think i will find a free time soon because i got so many new gorgeous clothe and spending money like it all was free. i'm going to Venice for the carnival festival i will snap some cute boys, keep loving my blog there are so many things you haven't seen yet (that one human able to do) xxxxooooo

thank you guys on tumblr so much xoxo

i got promoted on tumblr!! on fashion tag. i was so shocked and excited also gained almost 50 followers i can't thank this enough love you guysssssss muahhhh xxxxxx

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

anne catherine frey

short hair classy chic woman who well-known at first signt. my new crush on oh yeah i love her she's so stylish and as i spotted, style and hair are always go together

camouflage in this spring

no matter where i go i always spotted camouflage. for this spring if you really don't know what to wear.. i'm recommending camouflage (it works for boys and girls) it's classic piece that everyone should have in the closet and i think you should put it back, recover and getting ready to survive in tomorrow's outfit. 

valentino spring&summer 2013
valentino spring&summer 2013

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

ulyana sergeenko

i'm completely in love with her, Ulyana Sergeenko. gorgeous fabulous and elegant

givenchy f/w menswear 2013

in this collection, i like only few pieces, really few because there are so many depress me and as we know how accomplish im Givenchy with the fierce dog studded shirt and many more from that collection and others. but in this collection there are so many things that seem like 'already trended' i mean i saw almost all of these before and again and again and again and finally this collection again. i love (almost) every collection of Givenchy becaue they always make my heart skip every beat and try to get out of my chest to check out lastest collection but not with this one. also, the quilted coat that models girdle across their hips that make it looks more funny! because i'm basically hate quilted coat and i never ever thought Givenchy would produce that unpretty jacket. however, i love shoes they are so cute, models too :)

from me to you all

tod's bag

i tried so many times to force myself to love Tod's D bag, but failed. i love their shoes i mean every pairs but mot the bag. it's a weird bag! i hate the part that connect with the bag and the's really big and feel like market low-cost bag which only old lady adores. i don't know why it's so famous maybe because of their shoes come in a really nice shape and quality and maybe also bags! the leather is good but i would use it only for my dog's house because he loves soft leather. i'd never use it for everyday bag for sure! it's just .... weird.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

my prada creepers

if you guys want to know what i got from milan, you will enjoy this because i never see anyone review Prada creepers and i think i will do a first(hopeful) review on this.

of course it came with Prada gorgeous box, now let's see what is inside.

it's Prada creepers from fall 2012 and i love it! the color combination or even heels yeah!

 so i won't tell how much it costs (because you can zoom on a sole to the the price tag, color and kind of stuff) so hopefully, you guys enjoy it! (it's a shortest review on earth i know)

keep staking me heheheh and let's see how many looks i'm going to create with this creepers.

Monday, January 21, 2013

being alive in aboard isn't easy as you thought

to be living alive in aboard (especially in a country stupid in english) is not easy as you thought, as i thought as well. i feel good or maybe the best at first but after couple of months i feel like my life is going to hell because i'm in the middle of bored broke don't understand the language and don't understand what are people here are trying to do. save the earth ? i thought this is supposed to be superman's responsible not ours. however i was trying so much to understand what were they trying to communicated with me and sometimes their hand-languages are like tell me to go masturbating! i always like what?! what?! what?! it'd be better if all countries in europe were good in english, some of my classmates don't even know how to count 1-20 in english!! by the way, first thought about the country for me was gorgeous fashion, yes they do but only when i was in the capital or the popular cities but others ... sucks! they still wear saggy pants (since 90s) and they think classic is the best. the one fashion place that they call Pitti, umm yeah boys there are hot, really hot actually, they wear hi-end labels from head to toe. socks are not allowed and keep it super classy. i like but not love i'd give only 90%of my heart for boys but not for the fashion, whoever can dress classy. it depends on only how much money do you have because you just go to one hi-end shop and get out with the exactly what models move their legs on lastest menswear runway. but why wouldn't they be more creative? like i've never thought nobody would wear pajamas as the outfit for fashion show day and after one person popped up with that outfit hundred are following, why? because if they had their own song it'd be a unique voices which thousand singers are always keep following (nowadays as Lana Del Ray, after she's so accomplishment, itunes start taking some creepy sad voice like dying by drown artists in) this world need more unique voices than a followers whoever can follow talented but talented always create their follows, whatever i wish tomorrow i wake up everyone here will start saying 'love american' in stead of insult them! thank god you still reading
after today i will still keep posting some articles but not so much as past because sometimes i feel lazy you know how many homeworks i have each day? (some reach 30+ pages just for tomorrow) so instead of typing i do a video, it sounds better right? so not only creating my tone voice in your head i'll be bitch as i could hahahahaha si really have to go this free class is almost done and i'm done with everyone here, fingers-crossed weeeeeee

Monday, January 14, 2013

my fashion-predictability

after i visited milano and i realized how good i am in being a fashion-predictability because i created this look about a month ago on my instagram and as yesterday that i was in milan, the military-patterned are so pop-up even in valentino collection or even came in valentino shopping paper bag, i created some looks here and also others on my instagram as well, if you guys like my fashion-predictability,
check it out my instagram : @bleueaddicted