Tuesday, December 30, 2014


While I was shopping and making a decision whether I should wear the coolest sweater on town to the upcoming NYE Party, or noting but Simple (which rarely existed in my dictionary). So, I took a self-mirror-reflected selfie, and yeah I think it can inspire me, or someone, in somewhat.

Zara Sweater and Pants
@Zara Fitting Room

Thursday, October 9, 2014


Vintage Blouse
Vintage Kimono Cardigan
Vintage Navy Pants
Vintage Loafers
Vintage Watch
Charles & Keith Bracelet
Balenciaga Velo Bag
Zara Sunglasses

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Slow Dance Cardigan
Vintage Cropped Top
Vintage High-Waist Jeans
Vintage Shoes
Balenciaga Velo Bag
Zara Sunglasses

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Those Sexy Faces

Love love love the ultimate faces of any models who have his own personality and characteristic show through all the shoots they have been made. That's why sometimes I love attending Menswear Fashion Week more than Skirts and Bras appearances. However, I do not really know why I was kind of drawn to it, obsessionally— sometimes when I look at these pictures, I believe they all try to deliver some kinds of messages, through their eyes, it might be the provoking distractions, but it is too hard for me to fall for! 

My point is: it is just another trick to let others fall in something by just an image or appearance. It is not those abs, sexual-arouse faces, or the way he rips his shirt off, but it is a possibility that we are exited for. 

Happy another world's hypocritical day.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Updated Video!

I made an updated video on youtube, so as if some of you are sick of my pictures so I think a video would be perfect!
In this video, featuring my Balenciaga and Cambridge Satchel and my outfit! Go watch it!

Sunday, June 1, 2014


I still have the pictures of my last birthday party when I was in Italy, and the early present that I got from Milan. I couldn't believe it has been a year! I feel like I'm growing up!!
After a year in Italy I continued my life like what I have usual had. I went back to Thailand, renew ID card after it was gone with my stolen wallet in Rome, and new Driving License.

I wish this month will be amazing and marvellous. I don't take anything serious right now excepts the University thing which coming up soon, fingers-crossed to all who born in this month!

PS. the collages above were all photos from my reblog-tumblr, it really inspires me, insanely.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

My Ever-First Fashion Line: ATHENA

Spring/Summer 2014 High-Not-School Collection
Copyright ©2014 ATHENA All Rights Reserved
I finally launched my first fashion-line-ever, ATHENA. High-Not-School collection is representing for those girls who get sick of high-school and desire to spend one-time of their life unconsciously.
I was speechless when I saw the final samples which once they were just an illustrated sketch in my book, finally they came alive. I couldn't be proud of myself more than this, it might not be the best thing I've done, but I know this is the one thing that's correct, and it is one of the significant jigsaws of my life's path. I hope you guys love it! 

As soon as this collection sold out, the new fantabulous one will be replaced

PS. they are HAND MADE!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you,  A T H E N A

Red-Beige Combinations Skirt 
Size: S, M, L 
(S: 26"  //  M: 28"  //  L: 30")
Price: $35.00
Contacts: Email or Twitter
Email: bleuebluee@gmail.com
Twitter: @bleueaddicted

Pleated High-Waisted Skirt in Pink 
Size: S, M, L 
(S: 26"  //  M: 28"  //  L: 30")
Price: $35.00
Contacts: Email or Twitter
Email: bleuebluee@gmail.com
Twitter: @bleueaddicted

Camel Top and Bottom Set 
• Camel Top 
Price: $30.00
• Camel Bottom 
Price: $35.00
*** In set,
Price: $60.00 
Size: S, M, L 
(S: 26"  //  M: 28"  //  L: 30")
Contacts: Email or Twitter
Email: bleuebluee@gmail.com
Twitter: @bleueaddicted

Email: bleuebluee@gmail.com
Twitter: @bleueaddicted

Friday, May 30, 2014

High-School Reunion

Two days ago I went to school with my fab friends for visiting my bitter-sweet memorial high-school moments. I expected to hear some scandalous news, or ridiculous things happened, or even any shame of my graduate reputation occurs… but there was no need to be concerned, everything at school was fine. All the teachers were working very hard as usual, everything was just like the day I left. After then, I nominated myself for a big speech about what's to prepare before getting into University, and the recent juniors really like it, not only because I can give them some of the information but also I was interrupted the class which they do not much appreciate the teacher. As well, I went back there for another reason— are my position is replaced? Fortunately, it wasn't. I'm still the best-dressed person at school. I know one day my position will be expired and someone will step on it, my school-reputation's extinct, but as long as I didn't make any special acquaintances with college students yet, I'm adhesion for now.

Slow Dance at Store Cardigan
H&M Cropped Top
School Uniform Jumper
Balenciaga Velo Bag

Thursday, May 29, 2014



Since it is Black & White Prom, we were allowed to wear black & white only!
However, if there is a rule, there would always be a crime. As long as (almost) no man follows the White Tie at the Met Gala 2014, the broke-regulation happened to this prom too. When some people have intellectual malfunction or monochromatic— this problem was really upset me because I was telling them to wear these two colours only, and they still behaved exactly like a little boy calling for the attention, by wear the non-theme shades. Anyhow, it is not what reason we were gathering here— wore sophisticated and elegant dresses and eat less and take the unrealistic-painkiller to at least relieved what heels injured their manicured feet. We all were there for celebrate our tremendous graduation, WE GRADUATED!

The boringness of suit issue is always my negative ideal, so dress up YOU GORGEOUS!!!

Guess who was the PROM KING??
By my sound, I would assume myself, funny huh? But yes it is, I am a PROM KING!! I actually voted for the hottest guy who attended my class and everybody did it too, but the result turned out to be me. As the picture above, I was crowned in the same reaction how Miss Universe has, how ridiculous?! To be honest, the curious question remains mumbling in my head "WHY THE F*CK I AM PROM KING? I SHOULD BE QUEEN LIKE MY QUEEN B, BLAIR WALDORF." After a breathtaking moment, I had the traditional first dance with the Prom Queen, and we live happily ever after.

PS. my Jacket's colour is black, not very dark-tone black, but it is, BLACK.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

9 Ways to keep up on Trends and Always be Fashionable

Notice, what friends wear? what celebrities wear? what fashionista wear? 
To notice and getting self-alert all the time because today the super cool Pink-Metallic Jacket or Sporty Athletic dresses might appear on every magazine, but tomorrow all mentally-minded people are possibly gathering the Gatsby's costumes to become trendy again. Who knows?

Good Fashion Source
Back in the time there are not many sites to follow fashion and to know what fashion-citizen wear, but recently various of blogs and websites appear on Internet: from Fashion and Style blog to Street Style pictures from all over Fashion Capital Cities— Milan, NY, Paris and London—in my case, I usually go for my Tumblr, which I registered for follow those who reblog so many inspired posts, I do reblog, sometimes.

Join Fashion Community 
There are so many communities out there where fashion obsessed are living, Twitter, Facebook or a site (I suggest HearIFB, but you have to be a blogger before joining the community). Many tags on Twitter uses to dedicate to Fashion, and some are worshiping. Purse-lovers? Go for Purseforum.

Adopt— Adapt— and Adjust
When gorgeous inspired pictures appear on anywhere and you really want to wear that badly. My recommendation is to adopt the fashion you've seen and try to adapt it to yourself, not to be over-effort, and lastly adjust it to your life style but not 100% imitating, it can create a aesthetic styling, but lack of creativity is a self-sabotage unsolvable problem.

Insufficient-Budget Shopaholic 
There's always luck in every unfortunate. The new purse that you just purchased leave more space on your wallet, but still have more To-Buy lists to be completed. I suggest to visit high-street stores instead, because they always launch a new collection which resembles to What's Hot ones and more options, you can get more than what you need, because some items were on the desire list for too long.

Follow the trends like a Good Servant but serve the Royalty with a Satisfied Elongation. 
Buy something that is really worth the price, To malnutrition is not the goal to archive IT-BAG you've wanted. Wash its Brain, DO NOT let it brainwashes you. Also, you can't be obsessed with something for an amount of time, the piece you like in today, make sure that the preference will continuingly stay until another tomorrow.

Be bold and Confidence
This is my secret tips, "No one really has a confidence, it's just how to project it." So keep head high-up and walk like Cara Delevingne on runway. Will you be a good Follower or an eccentric trendy Leader?

Vintage, Vintage and Vintage! 
If price tags find you hard to hand your favourite items to SA to scan the barcode or just the tag scares you at four-digit something dollar, the solution is think of Vintage. No one knows what is coming in the next reason but every one knows what remained in various years and seasons ago. What made previous generation shinny stand out, have some ideas now? incredibly #fabuluxe, huh?

Let the statement piece speaks it all 
Necklaces, bracelets or the super-chichy burgundy sandals will do their job for you, don't speak a word because you will hear others complimenting the outfit before even speak. If you want to speak a Louder Voice, let leather jacket speak it up, it suitable almost all fashion exits: from maxi dress to pyjamas. 

Hope this helps and 
inspires you in someway.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014