Monday, November 30, 2015

10 Shoes to RUIN you this WINTER

For what would be appropriate this winter are definitely two besties Suede and Velvet.
Dear my lovely readers, the only lesson I've learned through my whole life fashion-obsessed is that Expensive does not always represent good and elegant. As they said, "Money cannot afford taste, especially an fine one" so rest yourself a good seat and watch out your wardrobe that which one on the list you have in your possessions.

Creepy by the Creepers
Faux leather platform brogues ($1,158):

Oxford shoes and super gigantic creepers are the components that make all those look craft awkwardly. A Wooden wedge is prettier in a form of mini-box bag, not shoes. I won't put furniture on my accessories; you can threaten me with life, and I still keep my word.

Grandma's Basics
Horsebit-detailed polished-leather slingback flats ($696):

This type of shoes can appear in someone's classic piece, one of them is my grandma's. She would pull this off elegantly, especially the classmates of 40s reunion. And yes, it is good an excuse shoes for the polished office look, but make sure you quit before Miranda Priestly fire you.

Allure lace-up suede pumps ($701)

I don't understand, and never will be. What the heaven on earth why wearing heels and not making it high? It just doesn't make sense, if you want to be tall then put high heels to elongate your lower body, or comfy day with a sandals or sneakers. Plus, bold colors are Mamma Wintour's winter favourite, but not this shades of tone.

Narnia Nah-Nev
Embellished leather sandals ($1,049):

This slip on would appear on my feet if I were one of the crazy-obsessed with Narnia movies and getting into the magic old woods wardrobe of someone aged which I imagined it was a magical portal linked Earth through to the world of Narnia.

Better Than No One
Scalloped suede pumps$592:

"No one can pull the scalloped off better than NO ONE" does this statement make sense enough? I have been seeing this trend at Donts section of the magazine for several years, and it will go on and on, even I'm not professionally fashion-ing, but it is just my perspective, and most of them are so accurate.

Timeless to Nevertheless

Mid-Century Dorsay leather-trimmed canvas point-toe flats ($566):
The famous signature design raised economy of replica dramatically, it is everywhere from fresh food market to low-to-middle fashion mall. The CC-crossed is one of the best-seller espadrilles at all time, and the price is the authentic one equals to 50 pairs of the fake ones. And that creates such a lure conception of the (should be) all-time favourite to mud dippable shoes.

Quilted Faux Pas

Quilted leather mules ($731):
A quilted?! If you don't want to be another curtain-inspired like Kim KDS, stop admiring this. By the way, only Burberry's Spring&Summer 2013 knew how to interpret this intelligently.

Futuristic Much
Evangeline suede and laser-cut metallic leather sandals ($715):

Rose gold and butterfly wings are cute, but only on the body of VS's models. This style is exactly as Jeremy Scott's collection of Adidas, which might fancy and sassy up your look, but nobody wants fancy, not everyone wants to be Alice in Fancy Land, I mean, Wonderland.

Basic Creepy, I mean, Creepers
Mother canvas sneakers ($147):

Creepers look good on the shelve and window shopping, but once when they are on your feet, it will shorten your whole body, 5 pounds fatter. Even though, some street style darlings can rock it as always; it is still very hard to achieve that look. Unless you have Kendall's legs, then you can have another discussion.

Stole from Mom's
Clio Clog leather wedge sandals ($302):

These wedges reminded me of my friends when she stole her mother wedges and night out at grade 12. She is soooooo funny and has too much sense of humour, we get along easily and sometimes complete each other sentences-- sound like a BFF right? The shoes she was wearing is gorgeous, though, only if it was 6 years ago.

What do you think? Let me know in the comment below, some disagreements? If you found this pure satire, I'm sorry but that is my factual purpose. xoxo.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Siam2nite x Bleué Addicted

For the past few weeks my life has been a mess, and yet pursuing my dream. I just learned in life that be encountering the adult life isn't easy. Because I have a chance to work with a great organisation as their state  (or our state) "Your Ultimate Guide to Bangkok Nightlife", Siam2nite. This is my humble message to all of you who are thrilling to graduate and can't wait to begin the real work field, "Responsibility sucks", especially when the deadline is a real thing and the sponsored stories asked you to finish the article in time. The hardest thing is to make something boring to become fun and amuse, it is challenging, and I adore Challenging.

Here are my articles writing for Siam2nite
Article about H&M x Balmain Collection:

English: Style Guide: 5 Amazing H&M x Balmain Outfits

Article about what to wear to Waterzonic 2015:

English: Style Guide: 6 Outfit Ideas for Waterzonic 2015

The people around here are so nice, very amiable, I can't see the distant relation between boss and employees, I can only sense the co-workers circumstance. the warm welcome touches my soul. Things might get tangled between uni's stuff and work's pieces, but I try my best to get rid of it, how? Just stop lying on the bed and Instagramming all day all night, life has so many lessons to be learned.

The digital media is evolving, as well as the technological advances that can be old-fashioned in the next hour or minute. So it is my best chance here to start working, fill up my empty box of experience, and promise my future a pocket full of sunshine. Think that I'm a short-sighted person and each day I have to walk on the cruel path called "Life', and the blurred of the light at destination tunnel is getting clearer every day.

"I can prove myself that I can actually work something out, and I am really out of my comfort zone, even it is comfort, but it is still tough."

Lastly, I am grateful for my destiny that universe gave me this huge opportunity, my parents who support me for any causes, and friends who always by my side no matter how much I have failed, they will be there and shout "b*tch you better stand up on your own, this is life and it is tough".

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Friday, November 6, 2015

Queuing for Balmain x H&M Since 5 AM!!

For the last Thursday, first me and my friend are just insane about its coming but never thought we would actually be on that line. We tried to sleep as soon as we can, but how can a teenager sleeps at dust period of the day without feeling guilty of being an adult and regret the time passing without spending them. I watched series until I realised it's 3 am. and got no excuse for napping but to message how ready I'm to get a ride and go. 5 am. is a crazy number, like seriously I'm not a morning person at all, whatever glory you are offering is the unnegotiable.

The result of the arriving such early was disappointed, I felt the same way Janis Ian is disheartened by sending Cady Heron to the Plastics but she ends up by being one, because it is late, too late! We got around 200-something number and our round is the 9th group at 10 AM. The insanity is not yet to come, our hope is torn by the photos ton Instagram posting of the blank rack and apologising on the below caption, however, we still on the line waiting for a miracle and let The Pensieve of Hogwarts takes my memory as much as possible.
I gather all my breath which left 1% in my lungs. I went to the store in the appointment time, just so you know they are not allowed you to go upstairs where the shop located and the waiting list are downstairs waiting for the staffs to take turn them in.

The only glance I had in my vision right there is it is definitely chaos of Thai market style, the salespersons are shouting "This is the last piece anyone wants?", "Last 34 size here", with all my respect, I have no mood to stand in and grab my favourite most wanting piece and go, because I want to do something good rather being one to find what position in the food chain, am I a producer organisms or apex predators? Anyhow, I did lovely shopping job by attending with hope and fear, and I was right the men side are left in three pieces, plain sweaters and tank tops, I'm deliberated.

I ended up with only two suede and leather mini pouches, red and blue, they come in a good quality zips and the leather smells the same way my Balenciaga does, good item to be invested in. In another side, the woman sides, the bra was left around almost 20 and my friend took two of them a white-black polo-neck jumper and a black velvet blouse.

Everything comes in a really good quality and looks so much better than the collection pictures, details are insane, everything looks like handmade even it's possibly not.

Does this collection satisfy my heart? Not at all fill up my desired thirst, the appetite is calling for more of this.
Another consequence they have caused to the financial impactable is the presale prices are idiotic, increasing 200% of the original price is insupportable, and I am overwhelming with tears in my nightmare.

I left a note for one of my cherished designers, I hope this will appear in your hand, 
even it takes it to the moon would be harder than to you.

Dear Mr. Rousteing,

I do not aware of your marketing strategy, or is it just an ambition H&M's. The details and everything of the quality are something I've never seen on H&M, the collaboration is astonishing, To-Die-For is what I would verbalize. In my little very humble opinion, you collection and aesthetical intellectuals are beyond intelligent, but the hope and dream you have given to the people are helpless, I couldn't even be closing up to the piece I have on desire, the notable are taken about 2 hours before my round, which those people hire numbers of labor men to that queuing system since 3-4 pm. the day before the collection launch, not to mention how struggle they have been through the night of homeless-like crowded with mosquitoes. All I have in my word was "Congratulations"
Congratulations on your marketing either yourself or H&M team, you have achieved it! You deserve most torturing collection I have ever had, this ultimate dedication is my whole life energy's exhausted. My tête-à-tête would be your generosity that has just paralyzed and then pulled a trigger and shoot hearts of loyalty customers, you made your deal.

With all Love and Lost,

Sunday, November 1, 2015

BALMAIN X HM Thailand Stores and Prices!

Days ago, the Balmain x H&M collection has just landed Thailand's store aware by all celebrities and magazines who are invited to Press Release and sneak some peaks of all items that will available this 5 Nov 2015 are updating a very exclusive close-up photos on the Instagram and just simply put #HMBALMAINATION and make it blast.

For all of your concern, the price will be at available in such wide price range-- thousand baht something up to almost 20,000 for a single extraordinary piece. So check it out before the queue upsets you because the one that you want is exceeding your budget.
Check the full Thai Baht prices here 

Available on 5 Nov 2015
H&M Store: Siam Paragon, Central World and Central Festival Pattaya

The Perks of Being Phuketian In Vegetarian Festival: Chapter 2


I know the pictures above would have just ruined your day, or breakfast or whatever you are doing right now. So please put your hand which covering your mouth down from the soul-stirring that people who are possessed by god/goddess spirits are performing along the parade. This made me cried once when I was a 5-year-old Bleué, so it gave me a sense of normality, but still, covering my mouth the same way as you when I saw the performance in visual. For what I've understood, all these people who believed are possessed by the god/goddess are kind of torturing themselves (without feeling hurt or pain) to prove to the public of how strong the power within their body, even a sword from one bulge of the cheek through the another, and many other tools they use in the show. There are as well the firecrackers of the audience who will throw to the men in the parade, and the miracle here happened by they all saying that the bomb sounds and the blasts affected them nothing and are completely fine after the show finish. And each temple has their own signature of a parade, but only famous ones are able to perform this such show, luckily me, the day I went to and took all above photos are the most severe show of all. I hope all these info and photos keep you awake from the cereal bowl you're mumbling in your mouth or late dinner that screams "hungry" from your little naughty stomach, by the way, all events in the pictures above are really happening, no editing or fabricating such activity, I have nothing but to keep it real.