Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Perks of Being Phuketian In Vegetarian Festival: Chapter 2


I know the pictures above would have just ruined your day, or breakfast or whatever you are doing right now. So please put your hand which covering your mouth down from the soul-stirring that people who are possessed by god/goddess spirits are performing along the parade. This made me cried once when I was a 5-year-old Bleué, so it gave me a sense of normality, but still, covering my mouth the same way as you when I saw the performance in visual. For what I've understood, all these people who believed are possessed by the god/goddess are kind of torturing themselves (without feeling hurt or pain) to prove to the public of how strong the power within their body, even a sword from one bulge of the cheek through the another, and many other tools they use in the show. There are as well the firecrackers of the audience who will throw to the men in the parade, and the miracle here happened by they all saying that the bomb sounds and the blasts affected them nothing and are completely fine after the show finish. And each temple has their own signature of a parade, but only famous ones are able to perform this such show, luckily me, the day I went to and took all above photos are the most severe show of all. I hope all these info and photos keep you awake from the cereal bowl you're mumbling in your mouth or late dinner that screams "hungry" from your little naughty stomach, by the way, all events in the pictures above are really happening, no editing or fabricating such activity, I have nothing but to keep it real.

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