Sunday, November 22, 2015

Siam2nite x Bleué Addicted

For the past few weeks my life has been a mess, and yet pursuing my dream. I just learned in life that be encountering the adult life isn't easy. Because I have a chance to work with a great organisation as their state  (or our state) "Your Ultimate Guide to Bangkok Nightlife", Siam2nite. This is my humble message to all of you who are thrilling to graduate and can't wait to begin the real work field, "Responsibility sucks", especially when the deadline is a real thing and the sponsored stories asked you to finish the article in time. The hardest thing is to make something boring to become fun and amuse, it is challenging, and I adore Challenging.

Here are my articles writing for Siam2nite
Article about H&M x Balmain Collection:

English: Style Guide: 5 Amazing H&M x Balmain Outfits

Article about what to wear to Waterzonic 2015:

English: Style Guide: 6 Outfit Ideas for Waterzonic 2015

The people around here are so nice, very amiable, I can't see the distant relation between boss and employees, I can only sense the co-workers circumstance. the warm welcome touches my soul. Things might get tangled between uni's stuff and work's pieces, but I try my best to get rid of it, how? Just stop lying on the bed and Instagramming all day all night, life has so many lessons to be learned.

The digital media is evolving, as well as the technological advances that can be old-fashioned in the next hour or minute. So it is my best chance here to start working, fill up my empty box of experience, and promise my future a pocket full of sunshine. Think that I'm a short-sighted person and each day I have to walk on the cruel path called "Life', and the blurred of the light at destination tunnel is getting clearer every day.

"I can prove myself that I can actually work something out, and I am really out of my comfort zone, even it is comfort, but it is still tough."

Lastly, I am grateful for my destiny that universe gave me this huge opportunity, my parents who support me for any causes, and friends who always by my side no matter how much I have failed, they will be there and shout "b*tch you better stand up on your own, this is life and it is tough".

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