Friday, November 6, 2015

Queuing for Balmain x H&M Since 5 AM!!

For the last Thursday, first me and my friend are just insane about its coming but never thought we would actually be on that line. We tried to sleep as soon as we can, but how can a teenager sleeps at dust period of the day without feeling guilty of being an adult and regret the time passing without spending them. I watched series until I realised it's 3 am. and got no excuse for napping but to message how ready I'm to get a ride and go. 5 am. is a crazy number, like seriously I'm not a morning person at all, whatever glory you are offering is the unnegotiable.

The result of the arriving such early was disappointed, I felt the same way Janis Ian is disheartened by sending Cady Heron to the Plastics but she ends up by being one, because it is late, too late! We got around 200-something number and our round is the 9th group at 10 AM. The insanity is not yet to come, our hope is torn by the photos ton Instagram posting of the blank rack and apologising on the below caption, however, we still on the line waiting for a miracle and let The Pensieve of Hogwarts takes my memory as much as possible.
I gather all my breath which left 1% in my lungs. I went to the store in the appointment time, just so you know they are not allowed you to go upstairs where the shop located and the waiting list are downstairs waiting for the staffs to take turn them in.

The only glance I had in my vision right there is it is definitely chaos of Thai market style, the salespersons are shouting "This is the last piece anyone wants?", "Last 34 size here", with all my respect, I have no mood to stand in and grab my favourite most wanting piece and go, because I want to do something good rather being one to find what position in the food chain, am I a producer organisms or apex predators? Anyhow, I did lovely shopping job by attending with hope and fear, and I was right the men side are left in three pieces, plain sweaters and tank tops, I'm deliberated.

I ended up with only two suede and leather mini pouches, red and blue, they come in a good quality zips and the leather smells the same way my Balenciaga does, good item to be invested in. In another side, the woman sides, the bra was left around almost 20 and my friend took two of them a white-black polo-neck jumper and a black velvet blouse.

Everything comes in a really good quality and looks so much better than the collection pictures, details are insane, everything looks like handmade even it's possibly not.

Does this collection satisfy my heart? Not at all fill up my desired thirst, the appetite is calling for more of this.
Another consequence they have caused to the financial impactable is the presale prices are idiotic, increasing 200% of the original price is insupportable, and I am overwhelming with tears in my nightmare.

I left a note for one of my cherished designers, I hope this will appear in your hand, 
even it takes it to the moon would be harder than to you.

Dear Mr. Rousteing,

I do not aware of your marketing strategy, or is it just an ambition H&M's. The details and everything of the quality are something I've never seen on H&M, the collaboration is astonishing, To-Die-For is what I would verbalize. In my little very humble opinion, you collection and aesthetical intellectuals are beyond intelligent, but the hope and dream you have given to the people are helpless, I couldn't even be closing up to the piece I have on desire, the notable are taken about 2 hours before my round, which those people hire numbers of labor men to that queuing system since 3-4 pm. the day before the collection launch, not to mention how struggle they have been through the night of homeless-like crowded with mosquitoes. All I have in my word was "Congratulations"
Congratulations on your marketing either yourself or H&M team, you have achieved it! You deserve most torturing collection I have ever had, this ultimate dedication is my whole life energy's exhausted. My tête-à-tête would be your generosity that has just paralyzed and then pulled a trigger and shoot hearts of loyalty customers, you made your deal.

With all Love and Lost,

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