Friday, June 28, 2013

Birthday Early-Present from Milan

For this year, the first and i guarantee it will be the best present of this year is from Milan, As I posted outfit in post before that it was my last time that I visited Milan. But the thing is, it's not only Milan that was my last time visit (I hope it won't be really-last time) but something else happened too. As everyone knows 22-25 there was Men fashion week SS14 in Milan, and in that day 24 of June 2013 I have planned with my friend that we have to go there to say goodbye to my city hahhahahahah and then about 14:45 I just walked around Corso Venezia for shopping all the stores (did I tell you guys yet that when sale season begins, only one sale Prada is in Corsa Venezia) and the opposite side as I was doing window shopping at Vivienne Westwood I saw that there were few people with gorgeous outfits walking around there and I saw the huge sigh 'Milano Fashion Week Uomo' then I walked by and about 5 minuted as I enjoyed fashionista's outfits there were two girls who came to me and asked that I am a fashion blogger and obviously I say yes then she started saying that she wanted to interview me for a few questions and I just say yes. What I surprised is not only someone does interview me but while the interview and questions and questions people around there (who are not street walker or normal people not fashionista) are stop around me and start talking picture with their smartphones or even their big camera. After I say thank you to the girl who interviewed me I realized 'was it that feeling when I watch in television the moment when people  taking pictures with their smartphones or camera at some celebrities or famous people, is it that feeling' turn out I love it! to being famous and get attention. I'm an ambitions person and that's the part of it, may be. Anyway thank you Milan for let me know what it feels like....... the 5 seconds-famous-moment. hahhahahahahahhahah.

PS. my last stupid face picture is not on-air with the interviewed, it's just me being me, I don't keep my look too perfect like Queen B as always, sometimes Stupid-moment appears. LOVE YOU GUYS <3

Happy Birthday to ME, MYSELF and Bleué

Today is my BIRTHDAY
It's 18th, the year of free, the year of .... whatever.

My presents for this year, what I wish is not like the other past years that I wish I will get thousand of stuffs, this year, I wish I can be happy, stay with my family, mum and dad, and lastly wish me a happy moment in my blog, or even in the big-huge Fashion World.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Milano, I Love You XOXO

I don't know when I can come back to this fabulous city again, I recognize shopping street in Milan better than the way I get home, is it gifted? This is the LAST TIME I really can visit this city, walking around and pretend like I'm one of the fashionista or Milanese. I love fashion that's what I know and as I went there for hundred times (actually ten) it's really make me not less than Happiness of life, I don't need anything anymore in life because my dream already came true, thank you Milano. My heart will always be yours<3 

Zara Hat
H&M Cropped Tank
CPS Chaps Pants
H&M Sneakers
Vintage Blazer
Balenciaga Bag


I went to the south of Italy last week, everything there was sooooo good especially food! The Beach and everything was really pretty. I went there for 9 days, at first yeah I went to the beach and took sunbathing everyday until I feel bored because.... I wouldn't say I hate the sea but my word is I don't do appreciate it much. What I do after then is heading to the city and do a little shopping (what I capable of). that's all how I spent my summer, my time in Italy almost gets in the end of the way. I have a feeling like I want to go home so bad but at the same time I don't want to leave my free and get in a social where everything is so complicated again. whatever I LOVE MY LIFE.

Happy Summer everyone! in Italian we say 'Buon Estate' or 'Buon Vacanze'

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Talent Shows

As I said from previous post that I performed talent shows; one is singing and another one is dance, I did it all with my thai bitches, it was so funny and best moment ever, even though the rehearsal time was so short and I was so mean to my friends (I was shouting at them once and now I still feel guilty). Anyway the shows were quite successful and I really love my friends, I don't care whatever it's gonna take but I will love them until I die... WHATEVER, too drama let's see what ridiculous things that I just did

The First One: I sing Lucky with my friend, I know I don't make it perfectly but at least I do my best!

The Second Mature One: for this one it's the mature of all things because I'm pretty sure we make it cool, it's a Thai song that's so popular right now in Thailand it's call รักต้องเปิด (แน่นอก) or in English 'Splash Out' by 3.2.1 Kamikaze feat.Baitoey

I think is this the first time that you guys can see me in a video version? I think it is, or even if it isn't then I'm pretty sure it's the first time you guys can hear my singing voice and choreographers, also head to toe.

I hope you guys love it!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Night Time Nite

I went through every tough day moments in camp, then night it's the best time for party! I didn't do much stuff, dance then eat, oops! normally I don't eat at nighttime but whatever who really cares I'm gonna get fat anyway :)

PS. I performed two talent shows at the camp (sing and dance), it will be here soon as next post, get ready for it! I need you guys' support!

H&M Cropped Tank
OVS High-Waist Jeans
CPS Cardigan

Sunday, June 9, 2013

First Shorts in 2013

Finally it's hot out here and I really can wear shorts! All year long I was suffering of cold weather and being home with hot drinks. I really can't wait to see the sun again, if the sun's my boyfriend, it'd be the one who I broke up and then we get back together again. I have nothing to do that day, I went to a camp in somewhere on the mountain, the weather was kinda great and yeah as you guys can see, it's summer.

Zara Hat
H&M Cropped Tank
Vintage Cardigan
H&M Shorts
Zara Moccasins
Balenciaga Bag