Friday, March 1, 2013


i dont know who is he i just random watched youtube video like normally i do before went a sleep and some of youtube videos made me get sleepy easier and i'm a physo person like i have to go on bed and dream when i always hearing something in my ears, especially before went to a dream-world, whatever. i found this guy i believe his name is 'Christ' because his channel names 'thirftstyledbychris' i read his About box and it says

' About ♥thriftstyledbychris

I'm Chris :) | 22 | SF | F I L I P I N O | ThrifStores | '

his videos are all about fashion-lookbook and DIY fashion items

i normally skip kinda these videos  but i decided to have a look at his channel and i watched almost all of them (chris if you read this i want you to know that you keep me up untill 2 am and i had 5 hours for sleeping, i watch your videos again and again and again instead of dreaming cute boys) as i spotted his style is chic gorgeous street style and really me fascinated 

he also has a video: DIY: How to Make Camo Jacket + OOTD! which is awesooomeeee

go check his channel, i do recommended: ♥thriftstyledbychris

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