Thursday, March 12, 2015

Miu My Mood

These are my favourite looks from Miu Miu, which are totally inspired!

It is F/W collection and Miu Miu knows how to make Queen Vogue appreciate, of course, no black allows this upcoming winter (even though it's not even officially yet). Who wants to wear boring patterned or printed all year long, it's time for something fun and new, underneath the world of classiness where royalty takes their heirs for sunbathing, sometimes what I really do is scream at them and yell "STOP wearing your boring Classic-Patterned-Colored clothes that you wore for centuries, ain't you bore of it, well I do, of looking at you" and if you come to my world, I rule it monarchically, I have plenty of maximum-security guards ready to arrest boring colours clothes visitors are wearing, CLASSIC BORED ME.

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