Thursday, January 1, 2015

It Is Okay

Have you ever faced any situations that you are not ready for it or not aware of it to happen?
well, I just went through that and all I can say is 'it worse than what I have seen on the T.V. and it sometimes could manipulate someone to commit suicide, or least under the depression. I have it, the depression but luckily me that it was just a quick moment and I can escape, couldn't even what if I didn't, so now I do understand that when someone is under their uncomforted of their own skin, and we all just put a critic towards them; it was just a blurred moment of everything, we cannot just what they people have to figure things out with their life, we do not know what they have been through, and when they are in the bad moment of their life, all they ever need is a spirit and a warm-welcomed embrace of someone with the word "it is okay and it is gonna be okay," that would be all I want right now, peace out to everyone, and FYI, the commit suicide is never get into my head, as I learned from Jonny Drubel, #RichKids of Beverly Hills, that he sometimes considering to commit suicide cause of the school bullying, but he thought more of his family that he doesn't want his family to think that they fail at being parents, so do I, my parents always come first, no matter what.

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